June 24, 2024

Gambling Business Ideas

I don’t gamble much BUT I follow a few guys that have some VERY successful Gambling Businesses. NO you don’t have to start a “Online Casino” you can sell products to HELP and add VALUE to other gamblers / future gambling enthusiasts.

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Love em or hate em you have to RESPECT their Business & Marketing acumen.

Christopher Mitchell – Baccarat , Blackjack Strategy, $2,500 a day Coaching, Publishing.

I’ve actually messaged Christopher and he is a cool dude. This 80 year old lady Lucy flew out 2 times to meet / hang out with him. Besides selling his $750 – $2,500 Facebook packages he also offers inspiration by taking you along with him to Penthouses to High Limit Gambling rooms.

VEGAS DAVE – Sports Betting Picks, Coaching, KING of CONTENT

I found Vegas Dave off SHOWTIME on Amazon Prime. He was on a Documentary called ACTION.

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Video below is where I first heard about Vegas Dave. About a year or so ago he was at 780,000 followers NOW he’s at 1 mill. He has always said that “CONTENT is KING ?” — So this just shows that these guys sell MORE than just high priced packages, they bring VALUE and ENTERTAINMENT.

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$100,000,000 Timothy Poster & Thomas Breitling – SOLD Travel Business & bought Golden Nugget

KC – Professional (Card Counter Blackjack Player)

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