April 22, 2024

How to Program a Hyosung ATM

The company I purchased my ATM from wanted me to pay $300 to program a Hyosung ATM. <—- Click link— The $300 did NOT cover drilling the holes into the ground. What ?? My family & friends encouraged me to do it myself. I had already spend $4,000 to get ATM + vault cash so I REALLY didn’t want to spend another $300 if I haven’t even made ANY surcharge.

I was scared I would mess up the ATM. But looking back an ATM is JUST a smartphone mixed with a PC to dispense money. If I was unsure about ANYTHING I at LEAST knew to use CANCEL button. I also KNEW I would be mad if it took the ATM technician ONLY 15 min to set up but I would have to pay $300.

CLICK HERE for my FULL audio and notes to fast track Program your ATM.

I thought about it and I said that if I wanted to have MORE ATM machines I would have to learn how to do it myself anyway. I would LOSE money having to WAIT and call a technician at what ? $100 an hour ? This is what pushed me to learn / get familiar with my ATM. I also knew that if there was an issue I couldn’t be sitting there forever – I needed to know my STUFF.

I encourage you to LEARN how to program your ATM on your own.

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