April 21, 2024

Are Vending machines Profitable

Yes. The Vending Machine Business is PROFITABLE IF YOU BUILD YOUR ROUTE THE RIGHT WAY FROM THE START. I learned the Vending Business by working for a small Vending Company and was mentored by the owner and did an 3 month UNPAID apprenticeship with the owner. Now keep in mind I would not work all day for three months I would tag along after work to 24 hour HIGH VOLUME Vending stops. So if we went to a vending location like a 24 hour call center, I was shown which key opens the machine how the machine opens and how I should fill the machine. I was also taught how to load a cart so that it is easy to fill a machine from top to bottom. By being a female I was able to see EVERYTHING they were doing WRONG and how they were LOSING money.

I used this knowledge to build my own small but lucrative 24 hour vending route. I built my route while working a full-time job. I only made about $11-$12 am hour at my full-time dead end desk job. While at work I used to trade stocks in the bathroom, do school homework, hunt for property on Zillow. I used that low budget job to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN.

The smartest thing I did while working at that dead end job was build my credit and work history. That crappy job helped me get a six-figure credit line as well as a small mortgage so I wouldn’t have to worry about rent increases. Plus if I was laid off from my job I would be able to pay half my mortgage with my vending profits.

I have only done 80% of my associates degree so I knew I would have to play that game smart since I did not have a bachelors.

I remember having a credit card limit that was HIGHER than my $20,000 a year job. Only in America.

I also had INSIDE information that the owners of the company that I worked at (my full time job) were looking to sell the business for MILLIONS so I KNEW I had to build a vending machine route as my escape plan.

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