July 22, 2024

ATM Profitability Analysis

ATM was installed on the 10th and so far no money has been made as of the 13th. ? UPDATE: Someone actually used the ATM since today around 4pm since today is the day before Valentines ❤️Day. IM SO EXCITED !!!

The 1st charge that you do see is from my own card to test the ATM machine. According to Austin Lewis he says it can take up to 45 days for customers to notice that an ATM has been installed.

IT TOOK ME 3 DAYS TO GET MY 1st surcharge.

I really love the fact that you can remotely watch everything from an app or online. You can see what was approved, not approved and if you collected a surcharge. People that use your ATM can also check their balance BEFORE THEY withdraw money.

60 Day ATM Profitablity Analysis

Follow the arrow for Surcharge WD is short for Withdraw. Keep in mind that the location that I put the ATM in is new. They moved in a few days prior.

Difference between ATM Machine and Vending

The main difference between an ATM and a vending machine is that a vending machine will make you money within the hour that you have it installed. With an ATM you do not have to fill it with product but it does take a little longer to start making money. Yes you have to fill it with money but money is more accessible than soda and snacks which you have to go to Sam’s Club or Costco for.

How to start an ATM business with no money

Is it possible to start an ATM business with no money the answer is YES. To start your ATM business with NO money you will need patience, credit, investors, and possibly a partner.

Keep in mind that Starting an ATM business with no money WILL take longer.

Maybe you no money to start an ATM Business BUT your partner DOES.

How much to start ATM Business ?

It takes $4,000 – $6,000 to get an ATM machine up and running with your OWN cash as a vault.

ATM Machine – $2,455 Tax Included this is what i paid for MINE cash ? with an official check . My sponsor bank / processor answers my phone calls EVERYTIME. Yes there are cheaper options as shown below but will they answer your questions.

You can get an ATM for $1,800 NEW on eBay HERE but the company NEVER answers their phone. I know because I tried back when I was desperate and was trying to put this together on my ATM Machine together with no money.

CASH VAULT MONEY – $2,000 – I used a 0% check for 12 months through my credit card / credit line. I MUST PAY THE MONEY BACK within 12 months. They charged me $40 for writing a check to myself for $1,400. READ THE FINE PRINT since EVERY card / bank / CL (credit line) is DIFFERENT.

I plan on paying all of this money back with my surcharge fees. Surcharge is the money you charge for people to take their money. I will be charging $3.50 – $4.00 PER TRANSACTION. My cash limit will be $100. So if they need $400 they will have to pay the surcharge 4 times = $16 to me.

Setting up LLC – $200 – Be sure to set your LLC or S-Corp THROUGH YOUR STATE business website. I wasted TIME and money doing it through a company online. BIG MISTAKE & TIME WASTER. As of now I am STILL WAITING for my Files of Incorporation. If I would of did it through my state I would of had it same day. Don’t be dumb like me.

ATM Business Account – $100 – This is the MOST important part and will be the HARDEST part. You CAN start with a personal bank account THEN switch to business bank account .

Banks that ACCEPT ATM Business

It’s the bank list that NOBODY ever talks about / wants to give up. Getting an bank to process your money for your ?ATM Business is probably the HARDEST part of the business.

Click link above or below.


After all ⛔NO BANK ACCOUNT ⛔ NO BUSINESS. (You definitely want to be NICE to your banker ! More details in my book.)

Also too if you do not look like the “average ATM Business owner” READ MY BOOK before you apply for your account so that you DONT GET TURNED DOWN / burn all your financial bridges BEFORE you even get started.

**Besides listing the banks that accept ? ATM Businesses I ALSO give you REAL WORLD knowledge about finance within the ATM business ??WITHOUT CHARGING $299 ?? like most of these Youtube ATM Guru’s** I ALREADY make money so I dont need to charge you 1 months of surcharge fees to “teach you”.

I have spent HOURS talking to my bank sponsor and have swiped and clicked through page AFTER page on Google search and hours on watching / listening to Youtube Videos.

SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME EFFORT AND ENERGY & save that $299 for your business not some Youtube Guru. Sheesh !

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